How Customer Support Options are Making Sports Betting Easy

Online Sportsbooks

The duty of every online bookmaker is to make wagering as comfortable for its customers. 22 Bet ensures ultimate customer satisfaction through the quality of support methods on its platform. There are numerous ways to ensure that bettors are comfortable in the course of their gambling journey. However, most bookmakers tend to overlook the quality of their customer support. 

These bookmakers may have top-notch bonuses, and multiple betting markets, but tend to show little interest in their support options. Without a doubt, the quality of support options in an online bookmaker is crucial. It is the only point of contact between the bettor and the bookmaker. As a virtual gambling platform, there is no physical location where bettors can visit, to get their issues fixed. 

Communication between both parties has to be done virtually, hence the methods provided have to be top-notch. Furthermore, the support method has to be more than one to enable bettors to make their pick and also prevent heavy traffic. Therefore, the contact section of the bookmaker should be diverse. Some notable means of contact you can find on some top bookmakers include: 

Live Chat 

Online Sportsbooks

Quality bookmaker’s go-to method when it comes to establishing contact with their customers is through live chat. At the moment, live chat happens to be the easiest and most convenient means of contact. For quick and effective solutions to any issue encountered by bettors, live chat happens to be the best option. 

In regards to its response time, it varies according to the bookmaker. Some may respond in a matter of minutes while some may take longer. 22 Bet live chat response time is very fast, and in around 2 minutes, bettors are already speaking live to an agent. Furthermore, access to the live chat support method is available 24/7.  

Call Center 

Certain bookmakers have call centers where customers can call in to get their issues fixed. Non-registered customers can also call in to seek any information about the bookmaker. They are directed to a representative who can provide the perfect solution or answer to their inquiry. 

Unlike the live chat support method, the call center isn’t available 24/7 on certain betting platforms. There are dedicated times when the call lines are active, and it is usually during work hours. Also, as an added benefit, the call center is available in multiple languages. So, non english speakers will be directed to a representative who speaks their language. 

Email Support 

Online Sportsbooks

This support method allows punters to get in touch with an agent via email. Every bookmaker has a dedicated email address for support. It is a convenient support method and is available 24/7. However, it does have its drawbacks, as it has a very slow response time. 

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